Solution for World Peace?


One man. A friend’s suggestion. An old Canon Powershot digital camera. Travel destinations. And a heck of a lot of fun. Take a look at the 2012 Dancing video from the blog Where the Hell is Matt?

Dancing. It’s so universal. People from around the world took part in these clips filmed by Matt with the help of his wife, Melissa. She organized each dancing event with the locals in the different locations. You can’t help but feel good when you watch it and listen to the song “Trip the Light”. Imagine how much fun it would be to take part in the video. Could dancing be the solution for world peace?

Who Is Matt and How Did He Get Started?

Matt is an American from Connecticut. He has no dance training. In fact, he has no formal education beyond high school. He started out designing video games then moved to Australia when he was 23. In 2003, Matt quit his job to travel Southeast Asia. While filming his travels, Matt’s friend suggested that he do his “stupid dance”, which he filmed and posted on his blog. Some kid uploaded the video from Matt’s blog onto YouTube and the video got a million views.

A chewing gum company called Stride contacted Matt to make a video for them. They agreed to pay for his travels around the world while he filmed his dancing. As of 2012, Matt has made four videos, which you can view on his blog. The last one he produced himself.

What’s Funny About This video?

Unexpected dance sequences are funny to me, like the tribal men dancing in Papua New Guinea, the Arab men dancing in Saudi Arabia, and the seal dancing in San Diego, California.

It’s fun to look for Matt too in some of the large group dance numbers where he’s not as easily spotted—sort of like finding Waldo in those Where’s Waldo books.

What ideas have you got that might inspire you to create your own video and add some humor and joy to the world?