50 Ways to Use Your Humor


I was thinking about the many ways you can use humor when an old Paul Simon song popped into my head,  50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. The song has an upbeat tempo and funny lyrics. Here, take a look at some of his words.

“You just slip out the back, Jack

Make a new plan, Stan

You don’t need to be coy, Roy

Just get yourself free

Hop on the bus, Gus

You don’t need to discuss much

Just drop off the key, Lee

And get yourself free.”

The short rhymes using the names make me smile. The images that come to mind do too. Imagine Gus hopping off a bus or Jack slipping out the back.

Listening to this song makes me feel good, just like a bit of humor will do.

So with the song in mind, I’ve created a list of 50 ideas where you can apply a sense of humor. (Thanks for the inspiration, Paul. Now I can’t get your song out of my head.)

There must be 50 ways to use your humor.

50 ways to use your humor…

  1. Create a funny greeting card
  2. Add humor to a presentation
  3. Wear a wacky hat
  4. Write a humorous bio
  5. Try an improv class
  6. Write a funny monologue
  7. Draw a cartoon
  8. Take a comedy writing class
  9. Embellish a serious photo with a funny effect
  10. Write an anecdote
  11. Compose a clever speech
  12. Create a cartoon strip
  13. Write a short comedy skit
  14. Create a funny postcard
  15. Write a joke
  16. Add humor to a game
  17. Write a witty blog post
  18. Create a funny video
  19. Develop an impersonation
  20. Write a humorous story for a newsletter
  21. Create a humorous caption for a cartoon drawing or photo
  22. Take a funny photo
  23. Draw a caricature
  24. Create a humorous message for your voice mail
  25. Create a clever tag line
  26. Add humor to your Facebook page
  27. Design a funny Halloween costume
  28. Write a bumper sticker
  29. Add some humor to your personal communications
  30. Read a funny story to a child
  31. Create a humorous dialog between two people
  32. Take a laughter yoga class
  33. Create a funny how-to instruction
  34. Enter a humor-related contest
  35. Organize a humor-related party or event
  36. Create fun names
  37. Make a whimsical craft
  38. Take a clown class
  39. Brainstorm ideas for a comedy show or movie
  40. Create a funny character
  41. Write a children’s story using funny rhymes
  42. Draw funny pictures to go with your children’s story
  43. Write silly lyrics to the tune of an existing song
  44. Create an entertaining elevator pitch or ice breaker
  45. Learn to talk in gibberish
  46. Write a humorous one liner for a fortune cookie or party cracker
  47. Create a humorous quote
  48. Make up a funny dance move or gesture
  49. Develop funny solutions to a problem
  50. Find some funny music to add to a multimedia presentation

Do you have any favorite ways to use your humor? Which ones? What would you add to the list? Just drop me a note.